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Some technical notes on our lighting and sound  installations

The Riverside Arts Centre has state of the arts facilities for Lighting, Sound and Projection in both the Main Hall and the Studio.

In the Main Hall the lighting controls are set in a Standard Rig such that those with little technical knowledge can fade up the lights for simple concerts, meetings or performances. There is a Sound Trolley, known as the “Dalek”, which is kept onstage and can be used to play music from a built in CD Player, and has cables to connect to a smart phone, tablet, or MP3 Player. The Dalek also has a cabled mic and a personal or hand held radio mic. A basic Projector is available but at the time of writing has to be rigged as required.

For major productions the lighting is controlled by a Zero88 Solution with network and DMX control of 84 thru-power circuits. The lights are left in a “Standard Rig” which is sufficient for most users.  A wide range of Fresnel and Profile fixtures is available - including 4 LED washlights on stage, 12 LED profiles for front light, 2 Follow spots, and Cyclorama lighting with red, green, and blue channels. The sound system comprises a Yamaha MG32/14FX desk with 24 Channels, 4 Auxiliary Stereo inputs, and 4 Groups. There is a pair of 100 watt speakers on the Proscenium arch, and two backstage effects speakers. A Sony Mini-Disc Player/Recorder, 2 CD Players, and a wide selection of microphones are available.

The Studio has a “Dalek” with the same facilities as in the Main Hall.

The Studio Technical Gallery is accessed by a loft ladder. It provides a Zero88 Frog console controlling the Standard Lighting Rig through 24 dimmers and an 8 channel Sound Desk.

As with any technical facility some local knowledge is required, for instance where the key to the Dalek is kept. The Youth Theatre Technical Team meet at Riverside most Sundays from 2 – 6pm and are pleased to give a tour of the technical facilities. It may sometimes be possible, exams, parents and holidays permitting, to provide an Operator to assist with a show.