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Manor Players

The oldest amateur dramatics society in Sunbury, Manor Players were form ed in 1948 and have had many homes since them but have settled at Riverside Arts Centre for over 30 years. They produce three to four main productions a year along with a number of smaller events; including (but not limited to) quiz nights, revues, festival productions, radio plays, race nights and company meals. Every two years, the odd years, they put on a locally renowned pantomime with support from 'The Performance Academy' that is always something of a spectacle.

For more information visit: www.manorplayers.org

Shepperton Players

For more in formation visit : www.sheppertonplayers.org.uk

Riverside Players

Formed as a union between the two affiliated adult drama groups of the Riverside Arts Centre, the aim of the Riverside Players is to bring greater unity between the regular dramatic users of the venue. With increasingly transient memberships, Manor Players and Shepperton Players working together makes plenty of sense - especially in the summer when many performers and technicians are away on holiday. The aim is to produce at least one large production every year to create opportunities for everyone to be part of something more ambitious than the regular productions at the arts centre.

Riverside Youth Theatre

Riverside Youth Theatre (RYT) was started in 1982 to provide opportunities for young people aged between 12 and 18 years who have an interest in drama.

We aim to encourage an interest and develop skills and experience in all aspects of theatre, through auditions, rehearsals and the staging of real productions which are presented to live audiences. Members can also join the technical team and learn about lighting, sound and set building.

The group is run by a small committee of volunteers made up of past and present parents.

We meet every Sunday 2pm - 6pm. and members are expected to attend every week and to demonstrate a real commitment to whatever is going on.

Most of the time the group is involved in preparing for the next production – auditioning, learning lines and songs, rehearsing scenes and developing their talents. From time to time we also have specific workshops to develop new skills or to compliment the performance of particular scenes.

Alongside this, the stage crew will be designing, building and planning the stage set, gathering props and choosing costumes – or making them on many occasions! As production week approaches, members are expected to attend longer sessions for technical and dress rehearsals.

There is a waiting list for membership, but existing members do sometime leave or move away from the area so if we need to make up numbers we could contact you at any time of the year.

 For more details see www.riversideyouththeatre.co.uk

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For more in formation visit : www.riversideyouththeatre.co.uk