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The Stage is set up as standard with a black floor , black borders & legs and three sets (downstage, midstage, upstage) of Tabs. There is  a Cyclorama that is easy to setup and a drop down screen for video/film presentations.

Three dressing rooms are available. The green dressing room is large and can accommodate 10 or so people, the blue dressing room is a slightly smaller and can accommodate 5-8 people and the yellow dressing room. This room is quite small and it can probably hold 2-5 actors depending on how much space they require. It is often used by Stage Management to store props and extra costumes. If additional room is required the scenery dock is large and could hold costume rails to free up dressing room space. There is also space at the rear of the Stage.

Sound is operable from a small portable rack backstage (CD/Minidisk etc) or from the Main Mixer in the Tech Gallery. Stage Lighting Equipment is also available at an additional cost and includes a Zero88 Solution control desk and a variety of Profile (Spot), Fresnel (Wash) and Cyclorama lights. We can often source operators/designers for the technical side of things if you require them but they may charge you separately.